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Saturday, July 10, 2010

oh and on a sidenote


By complete chance I caught Dead Snow on TV last night as I was going to bed, so of course I stayed up and watched. The reviews I read before hand, compared this movie to Shawn of The Dead, and was placed in the horror/comedy category. And because I love Shawn of The Dead, I was pretty pumped. Well even though Dead Snow was not in the least bit scary, nor did it even have any moments where anything came as any sort of surprise, there was no shortage of blood and gore. Both which I'm a huge fan of. As for any sort of comedy....well there wasn't. Besides a few predictable one liners, I wouldn't say it had any comedic value at all. Even though this probably sounds like a horrible review, I still liked it. Not that, that is saying much because I love I bad movies. But unless you want to sit through another predictable Zombie movie, you should probably skip it. The only really original points to this film was the fact that the Zombies were World War 2 soldiers that ended up hiding in the woods to escape capture and/or prosecution, and some how turned into zombies. Very cool. And the fact that this was up in the mountains. Super cold and snowy, ( maybe the purpose was to help preserve them for so long? LOL) so all the Zombies lived in an under ground layer under the snow and would randomly emerge from the deep snow to attack the other characters. It was pretty entertaining to see an army of Zombies rise out of the snow. And the last slightly entertaining point is the fact that, much like allot of the recent Zombie movies, those fuckers are fast! They aren't the mindless, stumbling Zombies of the eighties and early nineties. They run like the wind! LOL So all in all if I catch it on TV again, I'll watch it. Maybe a few times over.

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