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Monday, September 27, 2010

oh and on a sidenote

Just to point out....yes once and a while I may get personal. Just randomly cause I can.
The other night I walked to the grocery store ( I know healthy me, Right? Nah, it's not that far LOL) I needed coffee for the morning. Usually boring walk no big deal. Then on the way home, it's starting to get dark. But I'm walking down a main street with street lights, so whatever. Here I am rambling in my head to myself, when this guy. An OLD guy. Pulls up in a fancy spanky new car, pulls right over and stops.
He Say's "Hey, Do you need a ride"
Me, "uh No."
Him, "Are you sure? You can call your parents from my phone, I'm sure they wont mind."
Me, "Yeah, No thanks." Here's me flashing my winning smile and moving the fuck on.
Now, two points to my story. Point #1 I felt a little giddy that some guy thought I was a teenager. (That was definitely many moons ago LOL) Point # 2 How incredibly gross to meet a Pedophile. He looked like someones friendly grandpa, which I guess is how that nasty business they do works....Yuck.

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