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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

oh and on a sidenote

Ok so I've been seeing this "cat toy" around alot lately and wondering to myself, "What am I missing?"

Well, guess what I did? I googled it like any smart girl would do. Turns out this is spoof toy based off of the horror film The Human Centipede.

Well the gist of it is a mad scientist kidnaps two girls and a guy and surgically attaches them to one another. And yup, as you can tell from the pictures, there's one girl with a guys mouth permanently stitched on to her asshole and another girl stitched to his asshole.....and guess what? Only the front girl gets to eat food! Guess what the others are eating?! Ok, maybe don't.....I think the only thing I got that was good news from reading any reviews of this film was the fact that they don't show any stuff that's going on with poo.....but God knows what the fuck else they are showing us. I think I'll pass on searching out a copy of this film, but knowing my luck I'll find it on TV some point soon and get sucked into watching it.

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