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Thursday, August 5, 2010

oh and on a sidenote

I don't doubt that 90% of the photos found around the Internet are fake, when it comes to these giant skeletons. Or as may people claim, The Nephilim.

One bone I have to pick with this subject. Why is it that alot of these people, don't see that maybe, just maybe, some people were a shit load bigger than others? There's still lots of huge people around still right? So why is it every time a giant skeleton is "found" they claim it's the Nephilim? Not sure what they are? Alright, heres a brief summary, I suggest googling it though if it peaks your interest. So the Nephilim are supposed to be a pre-flood race of men. But technically not "just" men they are fallen Angels from heaven, who come to earth and breed with regular women. Supposedly Satan's big plan to corrupt the human race, which of course was the reason for the big ole flood. To wipe out the giants tainting the gene pool.

Good story and all, proof or no proof of it.....why is it so hard to believe that maybe there were giant people, not weird super natural beings, but up sized people. I know, I know, this is so unlike me cause I love a good strange tale but I find it laughable that it's so hard for some people accept that the human race evolves and changes. Just like everything else on earth. Hmmmm maybe my next rant will be about the alien reptiles that have been trying to take over the world for centuries....stay tuned!!!

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