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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

oh and on a sidenote

So when I first stumbled upon, The Great Wall of Vagina, my first reaction was WTF?! Which I'm pretty sure is how most people feel too. But, it didn't strike me as porn, so I actually took the time to jump to the site.

Now you can obviously read more on the site. This piece of "art" struck me as interesting because it's a concept I agree with. I do actually find it disturbing that women are paying for Vaginoplasty or Labiaplasty.
Just when you think that society cannot get any more ridiculous, you realize women are getting their snatches cut up and redone.....now that is a new low on the cookie cutter norm of beauty.

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  1. Checked out the site. Interesting. The funny part for me, is that the mold I find most interesting/likeable is probably the one from the 76 year old. And I couldn't find the twins set. Now how could I get actual twins to show me their parts. To be honest I did see twins, for real, and they were similar.