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Sunday, March 18, 2012

oh and on a sidenote...

Yeah. That's my attitude today. I cant decide if it's residual from having to spend time with my family yesterday or the fact that it feels like someone is trying to squeeze my head until my eye balls shoot out...
The second is probably caused from the first though...

Quick someone spread some peanut butter on my head and gimme a knife! I'm going on a rampage!

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  1. Yesterday, I could have massacred my whole family but it's Mother's day today.
    Breakfast in bed, a box of chocs and a Sunday roast...cooked by a 10 year old!! With no help from me!!! And which didn't contain poison!!!!

    Tomorrow I'll probably go back to wanting to do a Charles Manson on my kin folk.

    Hope you feel better soon! xoxo

  2. Happy Mother's Day Lily!!!

    Oh a nice meal without poison?! What a treat! I bet you were still slightly paranoid though! LOL

  3. I was expecting to taste 'floor' as I suspect that he dropped something whilst I was in another room.

    But in all fairness it was yummy...didn't mention the diarrhea afterwards though, not after all his hard work. Mmmmm, floor.

  4. muahaaaaa sucks to have the poops but good call on not mentioning it...next time he might try harder and you'll end up some new horrible disease.
    A new horrible disease he invented just for you...