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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

oh and on a sidenote...

So can someone please explain to me what the hell happened to Lindsay's face?
How is it that she can from this a few years ago,

To this recent picture?

I'm willing to bet that all of the people around her are telling her how amazing she looks....I guess their probably paid to lie to her.
Talk about going from hot to butterface...


  1. It looks like she's gained some weight, had cheek implants and she did something funky with her teeth.. Veneers?? Whatever it is, it's all wrong and that hair color makes her look old. And you're right. She's got a lot of "yes" men/women hangin' around her telling her she looks great. Morons and I'm glad they're not my friends.

  2. She's got something strange done to her lips too....Poor girl needs some real friends. It's a shame when you look older than your own Mother.