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Sunday, May 13, 2012

oh and on a sidenote...

Happy Mothers Day!!!
AND it's vagina Sunday!
Imagine that?!
First off, here's a gift that just warms the heart.

Why? Because no one wants to see your Mom's camel toe....

And I have affectionately given this picture the title " Wildlife Pussy"

Witty, right?!
I think the most disturbing part of this photo is the dog...That's a real live very confused Dog.
Dog: "Please don't let her take me home..."


  1. She better be careful, in case that dog suddenly turns and decides to take a big chunk out of her pussy...and the little kitty she seems to be sitting on, better watch out too!

  2. Ohh... if Lily hadn't said something about the roadkill kitty I wouldn't have noticed....
    Too busy looking at her fine as big rack.
    ...You know...
    The one on the poor dead deers head.

  3. poor kitty. def gunna need a bath after this photo shoot.