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Friday, June 15, 2012

oh and on a sidenote...

After all the endless hours I spend wasting precious brain cells finding random things on the Internet, I am rarely surprised. But this actually did it.

Guess 1:
Now, because of the name of the site, part of me wonders if this is some sort of milk service provided from and for a bunch of racist's. Could be? Maybe? Not sure. But the emphasis on the "rich, beautiful, elite, white girls" point to yes.
Guess 2:
Their is some secret world of gargling fetishes that I've yet to learn about. Since you can purchase a video of them gargling milk if:
A. You cant afford the milk. (WTF)
B. Or are out of their shipping area.
Guess 3:
We've got some serious germaphobes that are convinced that if their milk is gargled by rich,beautiful white girls first their saving themselves from all sorts of crazy bacterias.

I'm just going to take the safe guess and resign myself to the fact that it's probably all 3.
Oh the amazing world of the Internet.

 Random fact :
When I went to spell check germaphobe,  it kept giving me gumbo's as an option. I feel like I'm missing something?!


  1. can someone enlighten me too... How the hell is some skank spit supposed to make my milk experience pure? All that oral gloop full of bacteria - even if it is white trash fresh - just makes me gag at the thought of supping on someone else's dribble... It's gotta be some sort of joke... Surely? If not... Gahh... Fucking well time to hand back in my internets.

  2. I completely agree Ken...
    Maybe skank spit has some sort of magical properties that we are unaware of?
    Let's find some skanks and ask them, maybe?

  3. Then we'd be treading dangerous territory and maybe confused as skank-wranglers Jenni...