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Saturday, June 30, 2012

oh and on a sidenote...

Best. Glamour. Shot. Ever.

My first thought?
Are they brother and sister?
Seriously, peel your eyes away from massive amount of sexy and look at their faces.
See? They look related right?!


  1. This is so disturbing, that I'm going to have to watch 'The Ring' (Japanese version) before I go to bed, just to remove this image!

  2. {waves ^^^^^^^^^^^ } Hi, Lily!

    New stalker, here! Love you and Lily over at Unladylike Ladies, so I had to visit you here, too.


    No, you don't need a restraining order.


    Do come by, however, and see what you've won!

  3. Oh Lily I love that version! Actually I kinda love foreign films.

    Hello New Stalker Kelly ;) I knew there was more of us hiding out there!
    Thanks a bunch for my second ever award *and the crowd goes wild AAAAAAHHHHHHH*