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Monday, July 2, 2012

oh and on a sidenote...

Fuck Yeah!!
I gots myself another award! And I say "another" like I'm real used to this shit or something. In reality I'm not, but it's all good! I'm ridiculously grateful that Kelly, over here, passed it along to me. Thanks Again!

Okay, so it's got rules...
I'm gonna try and follow the rules....

Award Rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award. * Totally did that
2. Answer 7 questions about yourself. 
3. Provide 10 random facts about yourself
4. Hand the award to 7 deserving others. * Chances are I wont. Only cause anyone I can think of that deserves this award already has it. Makes me feel like a twat being the fourth/fifth/sixth person to be sending it their way.

Shit About Me:

1. What's your favorite song?
Right now my favorite song is Ben Howard's cover of Call Me Maybe.
No, I dont actually like the original.
But this one is epic and I hadn't even heard the original until after I heard this one, therefore I have a completely biased opinion.

Also I want to sit on his face.

2.What's your favorite dessert?
I never order dessert when we're out for dinner. I never have room. Not to mention no one ever has anything on the menu that I can actually eat. I look every single time. And I am slightly disappointed every single time.

3.What do you do when you're upset?
I usually call my bestie Amber, and have a bitch fest about it. That or I silently stew until I explode. Then I can reach the point of being reasonable.

4.What is your favorite pet?
I guess my dogs. Because I have two dogs. I love them. I hate the mess they make with their paws all over my clean floors. I hate cleaning up dog shit. Guess who's job it is every fuckin day for fuck sakes?

5.Which do you prefer white or whole wheat?
I like both actually. I'm not too picky, I take either one. Except the kind of whole wheat that's all chunky. With all the bits and shit. I hate that.

6.What's your biggest fear?
I have the usual fears that most people have. Something happening to my kids/husband/friends and family. Mostly now that I'm old balls I fear that I'm never going to be extraordinary at anything. I'm pretty good at a lot of stuff, but I want to be extraordinary at something.
*whew* Got a little deep there....
Cock sucker mother fucker pussy ass face
Much better, and let's get back at it, shall we?!

7.What is your attitude, mostly?
Mostly that my life is boring as fuck. Which is why I dont bother to blog about it.

More Shit about Me:

1. I HATE camping. But if you invited me on a Bigfoot hunt, I'd camp for that.
2. If I would have know how my body would look after kids, before I had them, I would have had a tummy tuck fund saved up.
3. I love men. If I wasn't married I'd be a disease riddled whore bag.
4. I dont want to talk about my feelings. It's gross.
5. I feel like the sexiest beast out there after I freshly color my hair. No idea why, but I do.
6. I eat the same breakfast and lunch almost every single day. For the past 5ish years.
7. I have really nice feet.
8. I am a complete stress case over just about everything.
9. I color coordinate all the clothes in our closets. It's like an amazing organized rainbow.
10. My husband has no idea that I blog.

Alright, that took waaay longer than I was expecting!
Hope you all read this far!
Thanks again Kelly!

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