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Saturday, August 4, 2012

oh and on a sidenote...

For those of you that don't know I am horribly addicted to Pinterest. Big shock there, right?
But because I would hate anyone to know just how much time I truly do waste I only sporadically pin things. I'm what you would call a closet pinner. I bookmark the shit out of everything though.
I particularly take great enjoyment out of the recreating experiences. Especially the failures. That's where all the entertainment really is.
So because my life is horribly boring at this point in time, please feel free to join me on
The Great Pinterest Experiment

Alrighty! Off we go!
Lets start of with a two for one!
Fucking Awesome, Right?!
The Dry Shampoo Challenge
I have horribly oily hair and NEED to wash it everyday.
If not I look a little like this:
I shit you not, this is my morning hair...well minus the stubble. I spend a lot of time on hair removal.

I know what your thinking, What? No before picture? Well no. I couldn't find a single AA battery in the whole house. Even the one's from my TV remotes didn't have enough juice to power up my camera. So off I went to experiment anyways!
You'll find a million and one dry shampoo concoctions all over Pinterest, me having dark red hair decided with the Cocoa Dry Shampoo recipe.
5 tsp Cocoa
1 tsp Corn Starch
Some sort of smelly essential oil that I decided to leave out. Why, you ask? Well isn't the whole point to get rid of the grease?! 
So I mix it all up, sprinkle the stuff all over my scalp. Then let it sit for 10 minutes or so. During this 10 minute period, I realized two things:
1. Not one person on Pinterest or on any blogs with these recipes, inform you what a fucking mess this makes. Not only did I have it all over my face, neck, and hands, it was all over my clothes, counters, floors....Yes Ladies and Gents a chocolate bomb went off in my bathroom. Fun Times....
2. I had the genius idea of stealing batteries out of my vibrator. Which of course always has well charged batteries. I'd rather use that then watch TV anyways.
So After all that, I brushed it all out of my hair.
See? Full of ideas!
The After.
Looks fine right? 
Well it's actually pretty gross.
True, it doesn't look as dirty, and I smell like chocolate, but it feels  disgusting and it's got some mid winter static happening. It'll do if I had my hair up, there's no way I'd leave it down.
I rate this experiment : 
2 Fuck Yeahs out 5.

Which leads to the next experiment. My hair was gross anyways so lets try some styling.

The Faux Bob Challenge

I am one of those girls that has a bad hair day and chops it all off. I have done it more times than I can count.Which always ends in me being horribly angry for months since my hair takes FOREVER to grow. I saw this idea and thought, fucking genius! Exactly what I need! Here's the step by step.

My attempt. Not bad. Pretty flat looking.

Easy, right? Yep sure is.
Great for all lengths? Yep that too. 
Great for any texture? Fuck you. No. 
I spent twice the amount of time trying to cover up the back of my hair to hide the underneath braid.

Turned out to be lumpy and bumpy and just an over all mess. My hair is way too thin for this shit.
Truly disappointed that this didn't work.
BUT if your lucky enough to have normal or thick hair, it's an awesome style choice. Even though I still say screw all of you with all your damn hair.
I rate this experiment:
1 Fuck Yeahs out 5 on my bitterness scale.
4 Fuck Yeahs out 5 for the rest of you bitches with good hair.

I need a fucking shower now. Which I'm fairly certain will be a chocolaty mess.
I should have just showered in the first place....
Not a huge failure this time but there's still plenty of time and ideas out there for me to fuck up.


  1. 1] chocolate bomb. delicious... at someone else's house.
    2] gorgeous- you
    3] faux bob. huh?

    4] vibrator homage hair style next please

  2. muahahaaa thanks Violet!
    I wish I could have gotten pictures of the mess I made with the cocoa...it was hilarious. Until you realize it's all over EVERYTHING.
    I had to cut my workout short yesterday, it was far too distracting having chocolate running down my face...I wonder if your body absorbs chocolate?
    I could have just revolutionized chocolate right there!