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Saturday, August 18, 2012

oh and on a sidenote...

Happy Saturday All!
If you don't know by now I really like to eat. So kinda by default I like to cook. Unless it's the same boring thing. Then I'd rather scoop my eyeballs out with a spoon.
Anyways! On to Pinterest Experiment #3

Baked Chicken and Spinach Flautas Challenge
Sounds delicious right?!
Well, you are right. They were pretty simple and yummy. In the recipe you can cook the chicken with beer or chicken broth. I rarely have beer on hand so if anyone makes it with beer, I want to know how it turns out!
Also your supposed to add water to the beer/chicken broth when you cook the chicken...I forgot. Well, not so much forgot as I can't read. Don't know if that makes any difference either. 
Picture from the recipe site

These are mine
Nom Nom Nom!!
Also when I first seen the recipe I forgot to pin it. Pretty Normal for me, what with my pinning anxiety and all. So I figured instead of searching through thousands of recipes, I'd google it. Usually waaaay faster.
This is what Google found for me.

Fuck You Google.
Fuck You.


  1. Shit! That picture is me BEFORE bungee jumping!
    I looked up 'fat woman on the beach' and good ole google came up with a picture of 'fat woman giving a blow job'...whilst Spawn was sitting right next to me.
    So yeah, FUCK YOU GOOGLE!

  2. eeeew.

    rubber pussy panties in a japanese vending machine instead would have suited fine.


  3. Muahahaaaa Did you save the fat woman giving a blow job?! And how did you explain that to Spawn??
    Now I feel the need to see it....maybe I'll take my chances and google it.

    I wish there really were panty vending machines Violet, good idea! Minus the pussy attachment of course.
    That would just be weird....