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Friday, February 3, 2012

oh and on sidenote...

So I stumble on www.obviouswinner.com . I got sucked in and spent a good two hours cruising, instead of completing laundry or dishes or any other horribly boring housewife task I should have been doing.
And now I will share some of my favorites that I discovered...
Yes, I know most of you see this and think yuck. I say yum. I'd eat horse if it was covered in bacon...

Fuck yeah. Homo erotic Unicorn man. Notice the assless chaps? I sure did.

That's just mean. You know that after the flash went off for this photo this cat scratched the shit out of this chick. She deserved it.

*Rolls Eyes* This is just.
Just, fucking gross.
Covered in marshmallow spread? That bitch better have cleaned up that mess when she was done...

I cant decide if it's the rainbow colors that I love, or the dripping T-Rex penis's....
Either way  *Genius Pervet Award*

I hope this is for a lesbian wedding...

That is all.

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  1. 1st pic: As a vegetarian, I would just like to say, *heave* *retch* *gag.*

    2nd pic: Oh the things I could do with that horn but somehow from looking at him, I don't think I'd be his type,ie female.

    3rd pic:If my pussy was all squashed up like that, I would not be displaying it to the nation!

    4th pic: Why?

    5th pic: It's definitely the dripping T-Rex penises...or is that peni...

    6th pic: Eh?

  2. Even though I am saddened that your missing out on all the bacon awesomeness, I will refrain from judging you on your non meat eating ways.

    And we are defintley not Unicorn Man's choice in a mate...I'm betting vagina's gross him out.

    I was thinking that if I had razor burn I wouldn't be showing the world.
    Obviously I looked too closely at that one...

    I, have on more than one occasion wondered what the proper plural spelling for penis is....

  3. The third picture is beautiful. I've never seen a more contented pussy - it looks as if it's found its soul mate.

  4. Gorilla Bananas~ that or the cat is suffocating....
    it's all a matter of interpretation I suppose.