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Sunday, February 5, 2012

So apparently Sunday is vagina day around here. So we're just gonna get these two out of the way so we can start Monday off on a less or maybe more traumatizing note.

I'm guessing she was thinking that this is a good way for her to express that she felt her vag was a beautiful flower.
I on the other hand, look at this and think she must be one fugly looking chick to need all the attention drawn to her hoo-ha.
And looking at this makes my own girly bits hurt.

And then we close off this post with this...

Is this her way of telling guys that if they try to stick it in her bum they wont get it back?
Usually, you know, normal people would just have that awkward conversation where they explain that no, butt sex is not on my list of things to do.
But yeah, I guess this could work too?

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  1. What comes to my mind is how classy these too ladies must be. I have two tattoo's but...yeah... not there. Maybe I thought the audience to admire my artwork would be too small.

  2. Is that top one a venus-flytrap?

  3. Yeah I have 4 tattoo's and honestly the thought of that feeling anywhere near my magic maker is just...
    so traumatic...
    I almost hope the tattoo artists that had to do these got some serious hazard pay. Lord knows what kind of conditon those bit's were really in. I bet the artists got real good at holding their breath.