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Monday, February 13, 2012

oh and on a sidenote...

Congratulations Everyone! We made it to another Monday! Well at least I hope you all did....

If you did, this is some pretty awesome advice you should be taking.
That will cure your "case of the monday's"

Skype Call Recorder


  1. Goddammit! I click on and scrolled down to far and got a faceful of vag...OK, that didn't come out right.

    'Rejoice and find what's inside you?' I'm not sure I want to reach in that far, I don't know what's in there...all I know is that it ain't Barbie!

  2. muahhaaaaaaa I swear I try to post enough after sundays to avoid the face full of vag effect.

    As long as your not finding cobwebs or a squirrel I think your safe.
    But keep up the search you may find something really awesome, maybe something you could pawn? A wrist watch?
    Oh the possibilities!