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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

oh and on a sidenote...

Holy Shit!
I got a frickin award! Yes I did recieve it last week, and yes, I might seem ungrateful because I didn't post it right away. But I assure you that I am not ungrateful just horribly distracted.
Yep, it's my first. Thanks to Magical Mystical Mimi for popping my cherry.

I've been quietly blogging away, with few and far between followers, little notice taken and a few
brief breaks away wallowing in my own self pity for being one of the many unnoticed. So many thanks anyone who chooses to stop by and take part in my randomness.

Now down to business.
I'm supposed to list 5 of my favorite things....so here goes. In no particular order.
1. Bigfoot
2. Bacon
3. Zombies
4. Penis
5. Coffee

I'm a simple girl, what can I say. Doesn't take whole lot to make me happy. Unless we're talking about a penis. I like a big penis.

I know that the "award rules" state that I should be passing this on to 5 other blogs that I think worthy...
Well anyone I would pass this on to already has it, soooo....yeah.
Again thanks to everyone!!!

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  1. Shouldn't that list read:

    1. Penis

    2. coffee

    3. penis

    4. Bigfoot

    5. penis

    And congrats! You rock my world!

  2. Muahhaaa, yes Lily it should read that but I was trying my hand at being a little bit classy for second...

    And a super awesomely giant thanks to you for being one of the main reasons this blog is still alive and kicking.

  3. HAHAHAHA!!! Love the list.. So close to the Mister's faves, minus the penis, altho he does seem to have a love affair with his own, so maybe the penis..

    You deserve the award. Your blog is awesome. Un-noticed no longer! Yay you!!!

  4. Thanks again Mimi :)

    If I had a penis I would have a love affair with my own. And maybe not leave the house until the novelty wore off...which I'm pretty sure doesn't happen.

  5. Jenni, you are such a chick in a dude's body.

    You're absolutely correct, the novelty never wears off. It's our friend, has its own little brain and a mind of it's own.

  6. Aww my pleasure you. Just glad that I found someone as debauched as myself!

    If I had a penis, I'd be gay...just saying...

  7. Wayne~ I think that's why you like me so much ;)

    Lily~ I would be an equal opportunity man whore.