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Thursday, November 10, 2011

oh and on a sidenote...

I couldn't resist posting this one either....seriously, women actually use these products?!

Not to mention according to the listing:
* Continuous use of eye charm makes your eyelids permanent without surgery*
How the fuck is that possible?! If you spend the time and effort to tape your eyelids open they'll stay that way?!
Where's the duct tape? I'm going to tape my tits up under my chin and see how long it takes till they stay that way....


  1. The nose up: Awww! I want to make my nose 'beautiful and full of happiness', instead of full of mucus.

    Double eye tapes: Awww! I want double eye tapes to give me that 'oh my god, that looks like too much fucking pain for any human to bear' type eyelids.


    If the duct tape on the boobs work out, give me a holler cos mine are sitting on my knees as I type.

  2. *snort* I'm currently searching out some fun colored duct tape...you know to try and be fashionable and ridiculous. I would want any funny looks with the silver tape poking through my shirt.
    My nose has always seemed unhappy.... now I've found a product to finally bring it some happiness. That or I can start sniffing coke, but I guess beggers cant be choosers.