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Thursday, November 3, 2011

oh and on a sidenote...

It's official I fucking love Japanese people LOL Ok yeah fine, this doesn't represent the society as a whole, but whoever the fuckers are that came up with this shit...I love them.
I swear the entertainment value of these ridiculous photos will never get old.

This for example. What the fuck is going on here? Some sort of pastry gymnastics?! Seriously, what am I missing?! And look how serious they are about this sport! Amazeballs.

So yeah of course this is probably some sorta of fertility celebration. BUT, but, how amazing would it be to be walking past a parade of giant dongs?! Who makes this collection? And where can I get one?!

Now this one screams some sorta social commentary on society, if you were all educated and shit. But I'm thinking someone just has a bad attitude when it comes to Ronald McDonald...seriously have you eaten CrapDonalds?! It's delicious....even though you get the McGurgles after...


  1. Ok I lied big time on the above comment...NOW words fail me!!!!