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Saturday, November 19, 2011

oh and on a sidenote...

It's time for a feast!!!

Bwahaahaaaaaa A Zombie Feast that is!!!
I would love to serve this for a dinner party and force everyone to eat with their hands.


  1. This blog is sick, depraved and debauched...if this blog were a man, I'd marry it and have it's babies!

  2. Your the best Lily....I could kiss you. With tongue. And pull your hair a little too.

  3. LOOOOOL!! And don't forget to spank me a little, I like that...oops...divulging just a little bit TOO much personal info there...PMSL!

  4. It's okay Lily, were all friends here ;) I like my special friends.

  5. Hopefully I'm a special friend. But the word special has some negative connotations at times. Sorta like one of Jerry Lewis' kids.

    Ooh Lil, you're a keeper as well..

  6. Well how about we stick with the term "special" in the best sorta way....even if I think other wise ;)