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Monday, October 31, 2011

oh and on a sidenote...

Fuck You Crohn's!
Ok, yeah, yeah, I'm relatively healthy. I don't have nearly as many issues as some and I still got all my intestines minus a a few inches, and I don't have to poop in a bag. But Fuck You anyways. I have too much shit to do today to spend my day having to shit all the time!
I was supposed to have started working out again today, since I realised that I packed on another 5 lbs right around my tummy, and finally found a little motivation. Not to mention I have a doctor's appointment for one of my little men this afternoon, and then trick or treating for crap sakes!
And to top it off drinking my usual pot of coffee before noon seems really out of the question, since it just speeds up everything that wants to exit my system. Things I don't really need. AND, AND, AND, it fuckin snowed this morning which means some extra layers of clothing. Which is seriously cutting into my smoking schedule as well. It's not exciting at all throwing on my winter gear to stand outside to have smoke, only to have to poop two puffs in...
Ok, I've had my bitch for the morning.
I have to poop again.

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