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Thursday, October 13, 2011

oh and on a sidenote...

Oh and if anyone cares this is my pinterest
I pin stuff, I crackbook, I do this blog but refuse to tweet my twatty thoughts.


  1. The 'Spawn' was being a bit spawny, so I showed him a couple of the more tamer posts in order to induce a psychological breakdown, whereby I could then gain control of him (I know, I'm a bad mother)...the freak enjoyed it!

    Would love to see some of the work that you produce...please...:)

  2. Muahhaaaaa :D
    But wait! Wait! Come here. Come closer I have a secret! *looks to see if anyone is listening* There is no control! They're just messing with us!!
    Funny thing is, is that I do most of my computer stuff on the couch with the kids around LOL Sometimes they wonder about what I'm looking at, but I use the same generic answer "oh nothing important" and switch the subject!
    And yes I will post more projects :D