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Sunday, October 23, 2011

oh and on a sidenote...

Ah and this beauty made me just about spray my coke out of my nose when I saw it....

Good Ole' Classy Maury Povich !! This was taken at The Calgary Tattoo & Art Festival last weekend, that *sigh* I sadly missed. But at least I can prove that someone actually has this...this piece of "art" and it's not photo shopped. I'm sure in a few yrs this person may wish it was though. I'm still gonna file this one away in the Epic Decisions folder.


  1. Were they stood next to the woman with the "he is the babydaddy, he looks just like him" tattoo?

  2. Btw, I've put you up on my reading list, let's hope more people come by and check out your fantastic blog...though seeing as the bastards hardly read mine, I don't hold much hope.
    Still, we can dream...bastards!

  3. LOL Thanks Lily!!
    Hey send me the linky/info for putting up the reading list and I'll add yours too....The bastards should, considering I started reading a few from yours....
    Maybe I'm not blog savvy enough for bastards....*rolls eyes*

  4. Hey, no problem.

    You just go to your dashboard>design. Click on 'add a gadget' and scroll down the list until you come to 'blog list'.

    And I think that you're more blog savvy than a lot of bloggers out there. you're certainly lot more interesting as well as entertaining.

  5. Taa Daa I have a "blog list" Of completely random blogs! Of course including yours....cause really, who wouldn't enjoy "The tale of little boy and the very big poo" ??
    I know I enjoyed it ;)
    Now we wait for the bastards to start following me....I should get some supplies while I wait....