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Thursday, October 13, 2011

oh and on sidenote...

Since Lily requested to see some more of the crap that I make and it's Halloween time I figured I 'd post the pumpkins I made last year. I really wanted to make some more this year but their time consuming and I totally fucking forgot to even decorate till the other day!! Son of a bitch! I'm not on the ball at all lately *sigh*Anyhooo, I found the tutorial on www.stolloween.com which is fuckin amazing! I wish I had this guys job. Their paper mache and paper pulp, no rotting pumpkins for me! Wait, no that's a lie....I still carve real ones anyways....which reminds me, I need to buy some real pumpkins.....

This one I made for my sister

This one I made for my bestest friend

And these ones I kept for myself

(this guy was the first attempt, which is kinda why he looks like he was sat on....my shape did get better with each one LOL)

And these little fuckers are my favorite. Mostly because it's pretty entertaining to listen to my kids make up stories about how/why the one with the weird face is sitting on top of the mad one.
All in all they take a few weeks with all the drying time and such, but super fun....someone remind me earlier next year so I can make more, geeez.


  1. LOOOOOOL!! Jenni, these are absolutely bloody brilliant!! (That's British for 'jolly good')
    I LOVE them and I WANT THEM, all of them and not just for Halloween. My front lawn is crying out for them as we speak.

    Over here, in the fashionable Camdem market place, you would make a fortune selling those. Seriously, they're wonderful!

  2. Well I'm glad you like them :D
    Maybe someday I'll convince some poor sucker to buy my shit LMAO