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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

oh and on a sidenote...

Who's hungry for corn?!

Ok, ok, not so much hungry, But who's horny for corn?!
So things that I noticed *snicker* not only that the couple on the package is two men, but  Boku No is  a series of Japanese adult anime, so if I'm not mistaken, this is promoting sexual harassment...or maybe the translation got a little lost some where LOL This could completely be the case since it's a "hyper wank device" *snort*
But hey really who wouldn't want to be pursued by an attractive man waving a vibrating corn cob around, declaring his love for you while whispering sweet nothings about where he wants to plant his corn?! Come on now, that's some real romance there.

I tried with no success to find the actual site selling these, cause I think I would love to have one just to show off, and maybe continue to prove that I am certainly weird.  I promise I would keep it sealed in the package.
Someone find me the site! STAT!


  1. Oh I want one! But after the Lil man caught sight of my rabbit (and I don'y mean the furry kind) and I had to explain (lie) to him that it was in fact a back massager, I think I'd better leave well alone.

  2. *snicker* This is why I have a drawer, that no one is allowed in....if you open it a zombie will escape and track you down and eat your braaaaains.
    Yes, yes, my children are terrified of zombies :D