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Monday, October 3, 2011

Well shit.....look at this....

Huh, this thing is still up! This is me just realizing how friggin long it's been since I've posted anything...
Here's my awesome list of excuses:
In recent months my life has become overly dramatic, sucking the wit and sense of humor out of my teeny mushy brain. Leading to me spending endless hours refreshing my facebook hoping something interesting will pop up while I endlessly suck back coffee and watch the same cartoons over and over. Not to mention the complete state of disorganization my house seems to stay in or the fact that any ounce of energy I have right now is spent trying to keep my act together. In conclusion I'm suffering from a serious case of being a Bitter Betty.
That part sucks giant goat balls. Hairy ones at that.
Also I got my driver's license and a vehicle. Squeeee. More dramatics, followed but have been resolved. FREEEEEDOM! Oh wait and doing groceries with two kids by myself all the time *rolls eyes* {Insert a little Bitter Betty, with my accomplishment}
And my oldest has started school, which means new schedule and less sleep so far, since my body hasn't gotten the memo that it would work better if I could fall asleep earlier to go with the waking up and actually having to leave the house at a normal ungodly hour that it hasn't done in over five years. {yeah that's Betty in there too *sigh*}

And for my triumphant return to the blogging world *drum roll please*

Yeah ok, I've done better. I'm rusty. And Bitter.
 Please hold while I rummage through some trash for my wit.


  1. Well Double shit! This is me being thankful someone noticed ;)