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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

oh and on a sidenote...

So I've also decided to broaden my blogginess by adding some of my projects every once and a while. I don't have the flare or patience to be an awesome craft blogger. Also my projects are not exactly cutesy and generic enough to bring me to the masses. But I ramble *sigh*
So yeah here goes.
This is Boris.
 I like animal heads. Chances are I cant afford a real one *cry* so the next best thing! Off the the Internet I go! I noticed alot cardboard random ones out there and I was inspired. This beauty took me about a month to make. He's a whole lot of paper mache, paper mache pulp, good ole white glue, and expanding foam stuff, and spray paint. And a whole wack of random cardboard that I would have recycled anyways. Oh and a few balloons that started off the head shape.
** Sidenote: I love expanding foam it's fascinating!! If you have a chance to use it, DO IT! Also I love spray paint. That shit covers anything. And I dont mind the fumes. This could also explain a few things.
And I desperately wanted to have him mounted like the real thing! That's where the foam came in, because he was hollow and I was stumped as to how you mount it, so I filled the fucker up!!

He's not perfect and he's not everyone's taste but I'm in love with it. He's obnoxiously bright gold and lives in my living room. Chances are down the road that he'll get some friends. Maybe not as big, or maybe they will be bigger but Boris is pretty frickin big LOL.


  1. Hi Jenni, I just came upon your blog and I think that's it's awesome!
    I've just gone through half your posts and will be going through the rest when my 'Lil spawn of Satan' is asleep, as oppose to driving me to the very edge of insanity.

    I am now your newest follower, perhaps stalker, let's just see how it goes. :0)

  2. Well Welcome Lily!!!
    I'm glad you've liked the blog so far! The stalker position is actually open at the moment, so feel free to stalk away. And spread the word. Maybe someday I can have my own cult following. We'll make our own rules. It'll be like the first time your parents left you home alone. Oh the trouble muahhaaaaaaa