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Thursday, January 12, 2012

oh and on a sidenote...

So as I was ignoring my children and letting my husband listen to the scream and chase each other around with light sabers, I had myself a little day dream. I was remembering back when we didn't have kids and we were young and drinking didn't take a weeks worth of planning to make plans with Boma to watch them over night, and enough of the rest day to recuperate and feel slightly human enough to deal with them when they get home. *sigh* oh the days of spontaneous drunken shenanigans.
I also thought to myself, now this is exactly what I'd get drunk off my face on.

Delicious right?! AND an actual for real product. But this wonderful concoction, led me to a few of these genius ideas...



Doesn't a bacon vodka chocolate martini sound just wonderful?
Dont be fooled.
That is not sarcasim.

Skype Call Recorder

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