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Saturday, January 14, 2012

oh and on a sidenote...

Fuck Off.
Yeah YOU.
Seriously.....can someone please tell these kids to shut the fuck up?

I cannot stand these commercials. Or these kids. Since I have an aversion to a quiet house, I always have the TV on. Luckily my children are not mindless zombies sitting in front of the TV all the time, but I need the background noise. Even if no one is even home to watch Nickelodeon or Teletoon, it's on. These commercials air a million times....They creep me out. There is something so wrong with a bunch of kids singing about fucking each other in their prepubescent falsetto voices. Even the witty attempts at making the songs more  "child appropriate" are just wrong....
Really? "Forget You" when the song is actually "Fuck You"
Why is that song even an option?
Wow this rant makes me sound very uptight and prudish. Which I swear I'm not. I guess it goes along with my randomness. Strange things piss me off.
Mini Pops Kids is one of them.
The worst part is the commercial gets stuck in my head. It comes on and all of us sing along...
I wish these kids would grown up already and K-tel would go out of business.
Also dogs in clothes piss me off.
Random? Yes.
Warranted? Yes. It's stupid.

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