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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

oh and on a sidenote...

In all honesty I almost considering buying this for myself. I did not because I don't think the Hubby would be a willing participant. Unless I get him drunk and drop him some roofies or something...hmmmm I'm having a brainstorm.

Bwahahahaaaa The caption on this site for this picture is "Exactly like you! Your Dick in a box"
The site is amazingly hilarious and very creative.
 If I was a dude with a giant penis I'd be handing out replica's. But then again if I was a dude I'd probably be in jail. Hopefully making some other sucker my bitch.

See and you all thought I was getting all Suzy Homemaker and shit on you, from the last few posts. Ha! Tricked you Fuckers!

Skype Call Recorder


  1. Wonder if they make these things in hat sizes?

  2. Damnit! Where's my credit card??
    I'm gonna order me the 'Build your own dildo kit',
    with the high powered vibrating egg!

    I may never leave my house again...

  3. I aim to educate the masses *snort*