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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

oh and on a sidenote...

Since I included the projects I made for the holidays I figure I might as well include my baking too.
I had a craving for marshmallows and decided to make some homemade ones, then that idea turned into making them for my Christmas baking. Even though I hate Christmas, I love to bake for other people so it's a good excuse.
Delicious Vanilla Marshmallows

Delicious Raspberry Marshmallows

Delicious Orange Marshmallows (my fave)

I was actually really surprised at how easy they are too make. The texture is the same, but the vanilla ones were a bit more dense than store bought. And the flavored ones are better than anything I've ever bought.
And then of course I had to make a massive amount of Gingerbread People.

And of course the wonderful Hubby decided he wanted to help decorate them....
This is an example of my decorating skills...

And then there's my Hubby.

He says Light saber....
I say Penis.
Needless to say these ones stayed at home and were not sent with my son for his kindergarten class.

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