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Thursday, January 12, 2012

oh and on a sidenote...

I'm really bored with my hairstyle right now. I change the color every month, mostly cause I can never remember which box I bought last time. And it's finally growing out a bit. Last time I got really bored with it, my hair went from being super long to super short. I don't really want to cut it, so I was googling some hairstyles that would be different from my either down and wavy look or my up in a ponytail bun thingy....
And I stumbled on these.

I'm sure that their part of some sort of hair competition or someone showing off their skills. Frankly I don't really care, why or how these hairstyles were made, they just made me laugh.
That is all.

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  1. Ooh Jenni,
    I think you'd look stunning if you did it like the last picture (the deer look). My/your only concern would be if you took the kids out in the woods.

  2. I do agree, I would look fabulous in said hair style.
    It's a Giraffe.
    Therefore safe in the woods.
    But I forgive you and invite you to join me in the woods later.

  3. I never was good with my 'wild animals'. And the woods are pretty scary, so I'll pass.